Friday, February 26, 2016

You can always find me singing or dancing a random song or randomly burst out in song. I've always wanted to go see a musical live. I'm a dancer and anything with a beat I can dance to, so if you combine those factors, I'm in. But don't add history to it. I've never liked history, because it was boring and maybe, because I  couldn't remember anything and it wasn't entertaining. AT ALL.


The night of the Grammys wasn't the first time that I've heard of Hamilton. I was on YouTube and some of my favorite people who I watch made original book tags and videos explaining what it was. Of course I was turned off when they explained it was about history and Alexander Hamilton. But then the night of the Grammys happened and I was a goner.

*breaks into song* What's your name, man? Alexander Hamilton. 

See, I'm hooked. I can't NOT make Hamilton references into real life now.

After the opening number listened to the WHOLE musical. Yes, if you aren't aware this Broadway Musical has 2 Acts and 46 songs in total. They flow effortlessly into each other.

I mean Lin Manuel Mandala is such a GENIUS. The diverse cast, the music, the history...EVERYTHING!!!

This is will be you or probably (already is).

  • Me:*listens to Hamilton on repeat and cries*
  • Me:*cannot think about anything but Hamilton*
  • Me:*puts Hamilton as my no. 1 priority*
  • My friends and family:You ever seen somebody ruin their own life?

The whole musical is my favorite, but I have songs that I play over and OVER and OVER again!

  • Alexandar Hamilton
  • Aaron Burr, Sir
  • The Scyuler Sisters
  • You'll Be Back
  • A Winters' Ball
  • Helpless
  • Satisfied
  • The Story of Tonight (Reprise)
  • Non-Stop
  • What'd I Miss?
  • The Room Where It Happens
  • Your Obedient Servant

What's your favorite song of Hamilton? Who is your favorite cast member?