Novellas: LOVE IT OR NAH?

First let's figure out what in the world a novella is?

a short novel or long short story.

Okay, so novellas are a 'love it or eh..." thing for readers I've been noticing.

Some readers don't care to read it, because they don't think it contributes to the world and characters they love so much. 

Some want to read the novella because it gives added character perspectives and and connects you more. 

And some just don't read them. AT ALL.

I'm the type of person who has to read the novella and then decide if I ever read it again will I skip it or read it again? The other part of me is super scared if I read it it'll either make me love a certain character more. UGH. #ReaderStruggles 

I've read quite a few novellas in my 21, almost 22 years and there are some that I wish I didn't read, some that made me change my view on a character it was amazing and some 'eh' ones.


Destroy Me made me turn the love I had for Warner into love. Yes, it was that good. It destroyed me.
Roar + Liv made my heart break for Roar. *le sigh*


Adam and Aspen...just turned into jerks as soon as they couldn't have their way and made me not like them. 

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Let's Discuss


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