Lainey over at @gingerreadslainey on YouTube created  Top 5 Wednesday that is a meme that started a little while ago. I took this topic from an earlier month because I can talk all day about it. I can choose my favorite OTPS (One True Pairings) from any TV, movie or book which opened up so many options and made it just that harder for me to choose.

I mean really breaking my favorite OTPs into a number is a bit of a stretch for any fangirl/boy. I felt really stressed trying to decide, but here are 5 of my favorite all time OTPs (in no particular order).

1. Blair + Chuck (Gossip Girl)

These two were literally #relationshipgoals when I watched Gossip Girl. I'm re-watching this series on good ole Netflix. Besides being one of the stylish couples on this list when they came on the screen, I knew I was watching a well worth ride. Chuck and Blair were a passionate couple who fought but loved each other harder. No matter what family drama or inner personal battle was happening they always came back to each other.

2. Julie Seagle + Matt Watkins (Flat Out Love by Jessica Park)

 After I read Easy by Tammara Webber which was my first New Adult book, this book was recommended to me on Goodreads. I've always been a fan of guys who are nerdy in nature and awkward. Those are the most lovable ones. So of course I picked this up and I LOVED it! The family aspect of it and especially the witty conversations between Julie and Matt those moments made em smile like an idiot.

Matt being all cute and awkward with equally geeky math shirts. Julie arrives at her mother's old college friend  when her college housing fell through. As she moves in she discovers something that a little off with this family. The love story that develops between is a slow burn romance full of moments that made me laugh, cry and swoon along with Julie.

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3. Anna + Mr. Bates (Downton Abbey)

Though I started watching Downton Abbey very late into the show (like Season 3); I was hooked. But that was the beginning of Anna and Mr. Bates relationship. I love anything in the 1920's era. The beautiful fashion, flapper dresses and all. This show timeline is set after the events of the Titanic. It shows the hierarchy what the servants Downstairs struggle and go through Downstairs as well as Lord Crowley and his family Upstairs.

Anna and Mr. Bates first meet when Lord Crowley hires his old friend, Mr. Bates to work for him. Anna is a sweet woman takes him on a tour. Soon as they continue to work together they start to get closer. Through the seasons they go through SO many obstacles, mentally and physically. But each time they would come back on top. Though this is the last season, I'm really hoping they both get their happily ever after.

4. Cress + Thorne (The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer)

This series I was recommended through a good friend on Instagram. I had never really explored the young adult sci-fi genre that much and didn't know if i would even like The Lunar Chronicles. Boy, was I SO wrong about that. I ended up tearing through Cinder and had to buy the new in the series that were already released on BookOutlet or Thriftbooks.

Throughout Cinder and Scarlet, Thorne had easily became my favorite male character and I was anxiously awaiting for Cress and I LOVED every word of it. Marissa Meyer does any amazing job on fairytale retellings, the best I've read. Thorne always made me laugh at his one liners or his friendship with Cinder. Even when he and Cress were in the direst of situation he always found a silver lining in it. When Cress meets Thorne for the first time and not through just on the Internet. They learn together that they need each other in the quest to help down an evil queen. Thorne is a romantic and funny guy who can loves sweet Cress. They are a great balance.

5. Haley + Nathan (One Tree Hill)

I've been re-watching this show on Netflix. This show was literally my life; it made me appreciate music like I do today. One Tree Hill always had the best music and I remember always wanting to know who sung that particular song and practically breaking the repeat button. This show screams nostalgia for me.

Nathan being the jerk he was to sweet and intelligent Haley made me really upset with him for most of Season 1 and half until Season 2. I mean the main reason why is that he found out that Lucas was his brother (this is NOT a spoiler) and that just sprouted something on another level for him and just go ahead and put in his crazy father. It all starts when Haley decides to tutor Nathan to stay on the basketball team. And so the story begins. Nathan and Haley are made for each other; they balanced each other perfectly. As any relationship goes through the challenges of life such  as finishing high school, changing friendships, family problems and everyday problems that teenagers go through.

Just go watch all 9 glorious seasons are on Netflix. And, yes it is ALL on Netflix. You won't regret it.

 Who are some of your favorite OTPS? Comment your favorite TV or book OTPS.


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