Nowadays I never watch live TV unless it's The Flash or Downton Abbey and a few others. In the summertime I watch it at the most days a week only Big Brother that airs on CBS. Usually this is how I look when I flip through the channel and give up, so to my room and turn on Netflix.

So here are a few shows I've been binge watching this month.

Gilmore Girls

About two months ago I started watching Gilmore Girls. So many people I watch on YouTube and my friends in real friends loved this series and ever since I was younger. I saw bits and pieces of it, but never got to see it all the the way through. I'm currently on Season 2. I'm am so excited that they are revived Gilmore Girls. The eagerness of just binge watching this is so real.

Is it bad that I'm #TeamJess and not #TeamDean?

Also, I am practically Rory.

One Tree Hill

This show was my childhood. I never got to learn why Nathan and Lucas were at odds, because I would see episodes here and there. I didn't fully tune in and start watching until Season 6 and that was after the time jump. So I decided to watch it from the beginning. I'm currently on Season 3. 

Can I just say that Haley and Nathan are my all time favorite TV OTP? I talked about these two in last week's post so you can check out.

A Different World

All my friends grew up watching this show and I feel like I missed part of my childhood. I used to love The Cosby Show and just started watching A Different World in my  young adult years (that feels so weird to write). This is a spin-off of Denise who I think is the third oldest in the family. This takes place in college and the ups and downs of being in college. I'm currently on Season 2 and really loving the humor that's infused. I've found myself laugh at 2 am in the morning.

What TV shows are you re-watching as an adult? What are some of your favorites?


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