Friday, March 18, 2016


That would be the first word I would say when I watched my first web series ever, The Lizzie Bennett Diaries which is produced by Hank Green, yes John Green's younger brother. After I binge watched I had a horrible case of web series hangover. So of course I did what anyone else do, I looked up even more web series (does looking at the stars IGs count?)

So here are a list of my favorites. All of them are modern twists of your favorite books or books you now want to read after you've watched these series. I have linked the first episode of each series. You can thank me later. *rubs hands diabolically together*

1. The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy 

(Peter Pan)

Two childhood friends who've known each other forever. One wants to leave Neverland and the other wants to stay. It's funny, the characters are SO lovable and you will be the characters. because they are just so amazing at what they do. Also the them song is very catchy.

2. Emma Approved

(Emma by Jane Austen)

One of the stylish web series casts I've seen. I've caught myself saying, "That's Emma Approved!"

3. Green Gables Fables

(Anne of Green Gables)

I've never read the book before I watched this web series and now I want to read it. Anne and Gil are so doggone cute. I love them together and all their friends are just adorable.

4. Northbound

(Northanger Abbey)

I'm need to finish catching up with this series ASAP, because where I left off there was something that was going to happen.

5. Jane Eyre

(Jane Eyre)

It's so heartwarming, and a lot of pulling heartstrings.

6. In Earnest

(In Earnest)

7. Jules and Monty

(Romeo and Juliet)

Imagine Romeo and Juliet went to college. I really wished it was longer, but knowing the story I knew it wouldn't be. :(

8. Frankenstein, MD


9. Nick Carraway

(The Great Gatsby)

And if you can't decide choosing any, just watch Classic Alice which is a girl who lives her life through books, quite literally. 

10. Classic Alice

(Variety of Classics)

Which web series have your watched? What are your favorites?