I've been listening to a couple of songs on repeat since I've hear them in Spotify. I love Spotify, because I can listen to the whole album without buying it. The things we have at our fingertips is so amazing. With Zayn and Ariana Grande's new album coming out soon their songs have been on constant repeat.

I've always been a fan of Ariana since she's her first album and love this track SO much!

Zayn was my crush in 1D and when he left 1D I was devastated, but when I heard Pillow Talk I was so proud and really amazed that this was Zayn's voice.

I went to Max Schneider's concert and he was so good live. When I got an e-mail that he had dropped his new single I knew I would fall in love with it. And he didn't disappoint.

Her voice is one I've recently discovered and it is out of this world.

What some songs are you currently listening to right now?