Wednesday, March 30, 2016

This recaps my favorites that I enjoyed during the month like those jeans you don't want to admit you wear almost everyday. Yep, those.

This month has went by so fast with spring in full spring I was hit by my allergies, I continued watching on of my favorite Taiwanese drama and found my favorite new graphic novel series.

I'm coming along quite nicely with my bullet journal and bought my first planner weekly spread from Libbieandco whose stickers I've fell in love with. They are excellent quality and the shipping came faster than I anticipated. Every since I've been putting planner obsessed. Don't ask me how many Plan With Me's I've watched on YouTube?


Dear Mom- Episodes 72-79

I've picked back up watching into one of my favorite Taiwanese dramas. This is heartwarming, very family-oriented, funny and squeezes your heart with love and sometimes tears.

The Blacklist (S1)

From the GIF that you saw you could proably tell that I started watching The Blacklist over again this month. I don't know why I stopped in the the middle of this season when it was on television. But the action, thrill and the sass of Red sucks me in every episode. I can see me finishing the first season very soon.


Giant Days (Issues 1-3)

I love these girls who are charming, realistic, funny college girls that I wish I had all of he volumes so I can keep reading about them.

Stars Above by Marissa Meyer

My Lunar Chronicles babies have grown up and I love every novella though they each had sad beginnings. But everything was right when I read my favorite novella. You'll know it when you read it! 


Dangerous Woman

Her voice every time I feel like gets stronger. I love the changes she's making without forgetting where she started.

Pillow Talk

The feel good vibes this record gives off is was a perfect jam for me all month long.


In this video I discuss person of color main characters and my lack of experience in reading about them and I also recommend my favorite POC MCs.

In this video I continue a video series on my channel called: Author Spotlight that spotlights different authors, their new releases, what they're known for. And this week it was Katie McGarry and her new release of Walk the Edge (Thunder Road #2).

Have you watched The Blacklist? What's your favorite novella in Stars Above? What songs have you been listening to? Let's talk!