Friday, March 4, 2016

90's TV shows need to come back and take their rightful place in the TV world. Since I'm a 90's baby, I will always say that 90's TV is just better. A lot of TV shows are being brought back in the form of spin offs and I just LOVE it. BRING IT ON!

So here's a wrap up of  Netflix shows I've been watching this week.

Gilmore Girls

So I'm almost toward the end of Season 3 and can I just say JESSSS!! I love Jess and Rory together. *sigh* I think they are going to be so amazing together. When I see them on screen I get so happy. He's the bad boy who's not really bad at all. 

Fuller House

For months every fan of Full House was patiently (more like refreshing Netflix for the season to appear). I binge watched half of the season in one day and then watched the other part of the season. There's only 13 episodes, but fear no more they have already got renewed for a second season. There is so much nostalgia and references and they even pull exact scenes that have been replicated from Full House. It was so cool to see the characters with their own kids. 

Have you watched Fuller House? Were you a fan of the original, Full House? #TeamJess or #TeamDean?