I'm spilling some secrets today. I'm going to show you how I organize when I need to upload a video or need schedule to blog a post like this one you're reading now.
This is just MY way of organizing my thoughts into what I think is a simple format. (Of course, there are many others way to do it. I mean just look at crazy amount of videos on YouTube.)

This notebook I purchased from Wal-Mart for about $5. (Look at the adorable whales, ya'll). I fell in love with the cool, preppy design and had to buy it.

I use a variety of pens in my blogging/booktube notebook, but my favorite is the Papermate Flair pens as well as the Papermate Profile in 1.4B tip that both come in a variety of colors. 

For writing the title and other things I use the Prismacolor  Premier Fine Line Illustration pens that I purchased from Amazon in  005, 05, B (bold) and C (curve) but you can also buy them at Wal-Mart as well. They come in a pack of 5, becasue you will get another Bold lined pen as a bonus.


Monthly View

I start off with giving myself a monthly view so I can easily fill in what I know what I need to do. For example, I know I want to upload a Reading Wrap Up in two weeks so then I can fill it in.

I use a color coded key that works for me at the bottom of my monthly view page as well as my daily pages so it helps me better organize specific events.

I haven't figured out quite yet what category I'm going to use the yellow for so I just leave it blank.

I also use another type of monthly view which is similar to what a lot of bullet journalists like BoHo Berry does and many others do. But I changed it into specifically my blog schedule. So I write do the numerical date as well as the day of the week down the page. Then I fill in what posts I want to blog about and on what days of the week.

I also have a color code system for this page as well.


After I fill in what events I already know ahead of time I fill out the next two pages with my weekly spread of the current week. I keep the same color coding method that I used for my monthly view.

For each day I fill in specifics like what's the prompt for my Bookstagram and when the ARC review for a book needs to go up on the blog.

And then the next month comes I repeat this process over again.


So my secret is out. This is how I organize my blogging schedule and booktube schedule on a daily basis to keep everything organized and so I won't forget anything. I'm always trying new designs and doodles to give it character and spice. 

How do you organize your schedule whether it's for blogging, school, booktube? Do you have a organizing system? 


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