Well...I finally read this highly anticipated book this year for a lot of people. I've finally done IT! I prefer reading highly anticipated books (when I do) when the hype goes down and the hype is on to another. There were a lot of mixed reviews on this book. A lot of people were disappointed that it was marketed as fantasy, but didn't live up to the fantasy aspect and unlike most people I'm really happy about that.

But let's get to the actual review, shall we?

Richelle Mead
Publication Date:
April 5, 2016
400 Pages

The Glittering Court (The Glittering Court, #1)

The Why: 

A girl who is tired of the life she's living to finally be able to make her own choices for once.

Okay, so as I was reading like the first 100 pages or so a lot of things reminded me of The Selection series. I mean I know the MC lives in a world full of amazing dresses and balls,
but for some odd reason the girls-Mira and Tasmin- she ends up becoming best friends with reminding me of America's
best friends. I know you're not supposed to compare another book while reading another, but I really couldn't help it. I mean this is a wonderful, glittering (pun well intended, ha XD) world full of a wanted countess, finishing school, gold mining and a bit of a forbidden relationship.

The Old Switch-a-Roo

Adelaide (or Elizabeth ) decides that she wants to make her own choices in life, especially on who she gets to marry. So she switches places with her maid, Ada and decides to take this opportunity to go to finishing school, so she'll be able to choose who she wants to marry. I was waiting for her to get caught, but there were always near misses. She quickly learns that there many skills that she wasn't taught in finishing, but some that she has an advantage over the others. She's very defiant when it was needed.

Her Decision

Cedric is more than shocked to see that Adelaide has entered the Glittering Court on behalf of her maid, but she is determined to push through and not get caught as a  She and Cedric have this instant lust attraction that blooms into a relationship as the book continues. I really liked their relationship and the pacing even more. Ada being with Cedric was forbidden and looked down upon, because I mean she was one of the girls and he the son of the crteator of the Glittering Court.  I really liked Mira and Tasmin (even though I didn't like her at first) and the female friendship in the book. They really had each other's back.

Cedric was one of the few allies (in addition to Mira and Tasmin) she had and I think that's what made the intense connection between the two really work. I really liked Cedric, because he complimented her and let her lead and treated her like an equal. He listened to her thoughts and it was great to see how it blossomed even down to the end.

Final Thoughts:

I couldn't really connect with Adelaide at first, but I saw how hard she was trying and really wanted this for herself.I ended up cheering her on This was an okay read for me and I didn't enjoy this as much as a lot of people. So I don't know if I'm going to read the second book when it comes out. The jury is still out.

Final Rating:

3/5 Keys

Have you read The Glittering Court by Richelle Mead? What are your thoughts on this? 


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