Most readers read contemporary books during the summer, but I prefer mysteries and thrillers novels. I love the mystery of finding out whodunit or was it really the sister. Do you enjoy prefer reading contemporary or mystery/thrillers more?
My reactions tends to be like:


I've read SO many thrillers and mysteries lately it's unreal. I wanted to review a few in short spurts and they vary in levels of thrill. So I see with all the tabs open and putting these on your Goodreads.

The Dare by Hannah Jayne

So we have Brynna and Erica and a couple of others play a game of truth of dare one night and Erica doesn't come back. Brynn dares Erica to jump off the pier, but Brynn doesn't know there was a riptide in the water. The guilt rips at Brynn so much so that she blames herself and has survivor's remorse; her parents move her into another school and she tries to make a new life and not get close to anyone. But someone doesn't want to let go and wants revenge.

I'm already familiar with Hannah Jayne's writing, because I read Truly, Madly, Deadly and loved it! So I was looking forward to reading another one of her young adult mysteries. I wasn't disappointed, because I loved her writing style and her ability to make me think I'm freaking going crazy. I feel like this was much deeper than Truly, Madly, Deadly, because it dealt with addiction whether it was with alcohol or drugs.

Never, Never (Part #3) by Colleen Hoover & Tarryn Fisher

This novel centers around a teenage couple that losses their memories ever other day at the exact time. They don't how. They don't know why. But they need to figure it out soon, but they lose them all. 

So I've read CoHo works before and some of them are my favorite and I haven't got a chance to read any of Tarryn's works. Part 1 of these 3 parts were amazing and then I got to Part 3 and I was highly disappointed. I really wished it made the plot complete. But it didn't. The why of why they were losing their memories I felt wasn't explained so when I finished it gave me  sense of completion. *le sigh* 

All The Missing Girls by Megan Miranda

This novel revolves a woman who comes back to her hometown to care for her ailing father, but when she gets there a girl goes missing. That makes two a decade apart, but are they connected? In a small town like this, rumors fly and fingers get pointed.

Sometimes you have to go back to know the future. This was written  in a fresh new way that I haven't ever read before-backwards- and I loved it. The book snaps you from the very beginning of how it started and the story is written from Day 15 to Day 1 and sucks you in its intrigue. I know what you may be thinking, can this work? Well, it surpassed everything I ever thought, because put simply it was beautifully dark.


What are some of your favorite mystery/thrillers? Which ones have you read that you loved?