Thursday, June 16, 2016


I decided to do something a little different on the blog and wanted to put some tags on here.  There are a lot of book tags I want to do on my channel, but never seem to get to so, I decided ever so often I'll put them on the blog. This tag was made by Payton from the BookHowler on BookTube. This tag is on my favorite TV shows I've talked about with one of my all time favorite OTPS.

1. Nathan Scott

 He is a talented basketball player, name a character with a talent you want.

Cress from The Lunar Chronicles skill of hacking, well not hacking, but knowing how to fix simple problems and knowing what programs to install so I can save money honey.

2.  Lucas Scott

 He has loved Peyton Sawyer since he was young, name one of your first fictional crushes

Alex Fuentes from the Perfect Chemsitry trilogy was my first YA crush. To this day, I see the tenderness he showed Brittany as well when his protective side when he the cards fell.

3. Haley James

 The classic good girl, name a fierce character with a good side.

June from Legend. She's fierce, strong, with a IQ so much higher than mine and one of my favorite favorite YA female lead. 

4Peyton Sawyer

 She went through a lot of heartbreak throughout the show, name an emotionally strong character.

Ivy from The Book of Ivy Duology, because she was sent to kill her future husband and then falls for him, but learns that family basically manipulated her the entire time. 

5. Brooke Davis 

She went from being the drunk high school student to one of the most successful business woman., Name a character with the best development.

America (The Selection Series by Kiera Cass) who was so indecisive and annoying it made me want to shake her to help her make a decision. But halfway The Elite I started to like her again.

6. Mouth McFadden 

He was a side character who became a main character, name your favorite side character.

Kenji Kishomonto- my adorable, sexy, but hilariously funny comedic relief cinnamon roll. He is my favorite side character that really needs his own book. Tahareh, I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE!

7. Julian Baker

He is a film producer, name your favorite adaptation.

Divergent was an amazing representation of the book. Please don't ask me about me about the rest of the books they tried to make into so called movies. Yes, I am still salty about that.

8. Clay Evans 

He does everything to protect Nathan and his career, name your favorite protective character.
Adam, from Shatter Me before he turned into a jerk. He was really protective over America. (I really couldn't think of anyone, so I chose Adam).

9. Quinn James, 

Strong, gorgeous and an amazing photographer, name your favorite female character.

Cinder from The Lunar Chronicles who has to deal with an evil stepmother and learns she is the queen, but also makes some amazing friendships along the way.

10. Dan Scott, 
An awful man who gets some redemption in the end, name a character with the same circumstances.

Warner's father from Shatter Me, but shocker unlike Dan he gets no redemption, because I think he's worse than Dan. I literally have NO respect for him and how he hurt my baby.

11.  Tree Hill, North Carolina, 
Name a fictional place you would like to visit.

Which is your favorite season of One Tree Hill? Who's your favorite characters and or couple? Who's your favorite side character that should have their own book or at least novella?