"...We also want it to help you dig deeper into what writing looks like for you and let you share it with the world. We’ll be posting installments weekly, all focused on four things: characters, your novel, you writing process, and writing prompts." - Sky @Further Up and Further In 


During the last couple of months,  I've been making book collages and graphics for books I've been currently reading, movies and TV shows. It has really been helping me work on my graphic design skills.

So when I wrote my first Beautiful Writing Post I wanted to expand my blog on writing. So this week, I'm going to feature two characters: Raina and her cousin Kaylie  They each have their own book since they are companion novels and make some cameos in each other's books.

Raina Smith

Or Rain which everyone calls her by unless she's in trouble and her mother has no problem calling her by her entire government name. Bursts of rosy pinks, a pair of dance shoes in hand and natural hair you would be jealous of Rain is one of the sweetest people you'll meet in my novels. As I continue to write her throughout my novels I'm learning more about her I didn't even know and I'm the writer.

Kaylie Davis

Kaylie is the cousin of Raina who may live on two opposite ends o the world, but are more like sisters.  Every calls her Kay for short, but doesn't mind if you call her by her full name. Kaylie is a introvert and would rather be alone practicing her music or reading a book. She like cousin have very few people she is close to and love fiercely.