Tuesday, December 27, 2016

*sings* This is what dreams are made of...
hey now, hey now...

Why, yes I still love this movie. And yes, this song would not get out of my head, so here's a little #nostalgia for you.

So I don't know if you know a little company called LootCrate who is a subscription service that is all things geeky and nerdy that include a lot of fandom goodies from different companies like MARVEL and DC.

Ring any bells now?

Yep, I knew you knew. 

Speaking of dreams, the lovely  folks at LootCrate wanted to know: What would be in MY DreamCrate? 

I recently read (and LOVED) the MS. MARVEL graphic novels produced by MARVEL. Kamala, though fictional is a kick-butt heroine who slays by trying to balance being a superhero, relationships, life and school.

 Though not perfect, she just like the women in my life slay everyday by just getting it done everyday.

So if I were choose a theme for my DreamCrate would: Heroines:
  She Who Slays

Clothing and accessories are a girl's best friend (but diamonds are too, haha!) A good T-shirt is really hard to find. You know the one that feels so soft that remind you of your boyfriend/girlfriend's T-shirt. This is how I feel:

Starting with clothing, of course I would have to have a shirt with all of my lovely kick-butt ladies of both MARVEL and DC  which would include:

Ms. Marvel (of course)
Black Widow
Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)
Black Canary
Wonder Woman

It wouldn't be me without a POP Figure included in my DreamCrate. They are literally the cutest things. I mean they make my bookshelf have a bit more character.

 Also, a mug with famous quotes all over that I can drink from while reading one of the books I'm currently reading.

The DC Bombgirls comics because it's a series that I want to finally start. 

A collectible enamel pin for my jean jacket, because who else doesn't collect pins.

My friends know I love surprises: so I'm telling you to SURPRISE ME!

So these would proably be a few things that I would have in my DreamCrate box. Who knows dreams can come true? Lizzie McGuire's sure did. And maybe her and Gordo finally went together.

What would you put into your Dream Crate if you had the chance?

 XO, K