Kandi Steiner
Publication Date:
September 25, 2016
378 Pages


It’s crazy how fast the buzz comes back after you’ve been sober for so long.

Whiskey stood there, on my doorstep, just like he had one year before. Except this time, there was no rain, no anger, no wedding invitation — it was just us.

It was just him — the old friend, the easy smile, the twisted solace wrapped in a glittering bottle.

It was just me — the alcoholic, pretending like I didn’t want to taste him, realizing too quickly that months of being clean didn’t make me crave him any less.

But we can’t start here.

No, to tell this story right, we need to go back. 

Back to the beginning.

Back to the very first drop.

This is my love letter to Whiskey. I only hope he reads it.

The Why:

I've been gutted. GUTTED, I SAY.
Wholly, sincerely and without regret. *drinks some Whiskey* Caution ahead: My thoughts are going to be over the place, but if I somehow coherently make sure, I honestly don't know how I did it.

Gosh, where do I start? Okay, Steiner's writing KILLED ME with every chapter. I just started this less than 2 hours ago, so you tell me how addicting as whiskey this book is to me? Pun SO intended. GOSH, can you hear my heart breaking, because as soon as I read the first page I KNEW I was done for. This book is a love letter from a woman named Brecker 'B' to the guy -Jaime 'Whiskey' who she (and me the reader) literally fell for. It weaves a story of both B and Whiskey as they are intertwined with each other they the only addiction is the attraction to each other.

It's filled with angst, anger, forgiveness and a hard addiction. Both characters were frustrating, but especially B, because there was so many times I wanted to throttle her and just shake her. But just as much as B was frustrating, Kandi's writing made me love her for her mistakes. As much as she was addicted to Whiskey and he to her, they were beautiful and passionate together. It was a back and forth between the two -B and Whiskey- that we follow their love since they were 17 to 30. Whether B tried not to want him or the time and distance' I loved every addicting page. She thought of being in love with Whiskey as a bad thing, when in turn he was the best thing that happened to her since she was 17.

We were each other's drug as much as we were each other's medicine. And in reality, they weren't really that different at all.

I loved the way Jaime loved B. He loved her for her-weaknesses and all. There wasn't anything she could say that would make him NOT love her. My heart was for bother of them because I was wanted to throttle him, but that was how much he LOVED her. You can't kick love. There was so much passion and heart that his character showed that time and distance wasn't going to stop him from loving her as fiercely as he did. 

I had so many emotions throughout and I knew I wasn't going to cry. That was until I got to the end. My emotions were already at an all-time high already, so the last chapter just had me...*deep sigh* It came all at once and I cried and it was a good thing I was in the house by myself. Then, I was laughing happy tears and I didn't know which was which. 

You'll be addicted to Whiskey and I am.

Have you read this book? If so, spill your feelings down below.


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