Lainey over at @gingerreadslainey on YouTube created  Top 5 Wednesday but has handed the baton over to Sam @thoughtsontomes that is a meme that started a little while ago. I took this topic from last week.

1.  A cutesy love story about two Indian-American teens who are getting arranged and their journey together. Also, #HelloDiversity!  This cover is so Tumblr.

2. 5 kids, 1 detention and a couple of hours later, 4 kids come out. WHO DID IT? A mystery thriller that I'm ALL IN FOR.

3. I've been waiting on another Jenny Han book since she posted that she was writing another book. This cover says everything that I can't.

4. A book lover's dream, because it's a book in a book. The character that Lucy wrote in her book wants to change what happens to her. If that doesn't sound like a great synopsis.

5. A girl and guy send notes to each other through the pages of the books that they work in. 

If you want to see my Top Anticipated 2017 releases in my latest booktube video 

What books are you anticipating for this year?

xo, k