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I love Cait's blog (a lot) and so when I saw her blog post about writing which I love her writing much encouragement for me to showcase my writing that I'm doing for my current #WIPs.
So this meme is hosted by Cait @ Paper Fury and Sky @ Further Up and Further In. It's aimed for us writers to get to know our characters better.

If you want to know in detail here's the official page. So you guys are going to get to know more about the novels I'm writing, so here it is.

* * * *
I'm taking two characters that I created recently and these two are ones I'm getting to know better. I am writing a companion series and they show up here and there in the novels that follow.  Here's a synopsis of their story, but if you want to read the full story I write on Wattpad so you can check it out there.

* * * *

"Every part of you is beautiful, why hide it?"

Kaylie Davis is a smart girl who hides in books. Reading is her escape. Escaping helped her to dull the years of the whispers and laughter of the name calling, so she's had to embrace it and be strong. She's shy and sweet, but no one but her best friend Sarita and her cousin Raina knows her beyond her strong, but sarcastic facade that she puts up. So she promises not to let anyone in by building a wall because she's afraid of showing her real self to anyone. Why show yourself if people are going to say something about it and not get to know you? But that changes one night as a mystery guy starts to help her break down her wall as easily as she built it.

"This is me, take it or leave it!"

Enter said mystery guy, Gage Ellis. Or more like the president of the science club, captain of the tennis team whose a pretty well-known guy. But if his friends ever knew he loves science and is actually smart they would flip out. He puts his self down in front of his friends but has to act like this cocky self-centered guy while also sneaking behind everyone's back to doing what he really loves. He doesn't really know what will happen, but one thing is for certain he wants to know the beautiful girl that catches his eye in the music lounge and he wants to climb her walls and build windows so her light shines through.

These two have met their match in each other. Sprinkle in a whole lot of secrets, a pinch of love and a whole lot of finding themselves and finding new things about the other and maybe finding love along the way.

* * * *
Cinnamon-Sugar Ice Cream - would be great with fall desserts like apple dumplings:
What is their favorite ice cream flavor?

Kaylie loves a good homemade vanilla, but when she's out with Gage who has made it his mission to make her try different toppings.

Look at your characters is getting ready for a night out. Where are they going? What are they wearing? Who will they be with?

She's usually working at Midnight Muse on Saturdays, but for those days she's off, she likes kicking back with Gage.Yes, because he loves her so much he'll deal with a chick flick. Being a musician, she's always going to practice her music.

Look at your characters' feet. Describe what you see there. Do they wear dress shoes, gym shoes or none at all? What do they consider comfortable or in agony? 

 Kaylie is always seen with a different color Converses, but when she and Gage go out on a date night she switches into her wedge heels. Gage is more of a tennis guy and would rather be comfortable.

Do they have a birthmark or scars? Where are they and how did they get them?

No, Kaylie doesn't have any. But Gage has a birthmark on his arm that looks like tiger stripes.

What kind of music do they listen to? Does it change depending on their mood or isn't always consistent?

Well, of course since Kaylie is a musician, which is why if you take a drive with her anywhere you'll hear everything with the exception of country. She loves underground artists. Having Kaylie as his girlfriend, he's always getting new music recommendations, but when he's by his self he has a rotation of consistent artists playing that includes John Mayer and a lot of Trevor Wesley.

What kind of book would you catch them reading?

Kaylie loves a good romance and mystery thriller. Not too far away with a coffee in hand and her legs on top of Gage's while he's deep in the latest poetry book that he's bought.

So I hoped you learned a bit more about my characters from Finding the Pieces of Us because I will definitely have more  posts about my #WIPs, character profiles and the many struggles of being a writer. (Trust me, there are a lot)

Are you a writer? If so, who are you favorite characters to write? What inspired you to write?

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