This recaps the favorites that I enjoyed during the month like those jeans you don't want to admit you wear almost every day. Yep, those.

I read a total of 6 books last month which included a long-awaited graphic novel; one of my new favorite short story and a friends to lovers rom-com by an author has become my favorite.

5/5 Stars
5/5 Stars
4.8 Stars

With my second to last semester in my college years coming to a close and summer approaching I've gotten back into somewhat of my filming routine. 

I hauled a few books I picked up at my local Half Price Books since I don't buy books as often as when I started, because my goal is to read the books on my own shelf. That has been working pretty well.

I wrapped up all the books I read, music favorites and everything I loved in March compiled in a monthly video. 

I filmed my first reading vlog this month as well and loved filming it and I think I may do more, especially since summer is approaching and I definitely have more time.

1. I was in my 2nd wedding this month in the last 4 months.
2. Finishing up Mid-Terms and now closing my junior year of college (YASSS!!)