My Writing

Years of reading have created my love for journaling to writing full novels (who would've thunk it?) So I've complied all of my #WIPs and finished novels that I've written (and currently writing) here in one place.

Changing Me


Cam Williams and Raina Smith, two peas in pod who were once connected at the hip. Nothing could separate the two of them. But Raina moving away to California was never part of either one of their plans, but time wasn't on their side. Starting over is always hard, especially without her best friend at her side. 

"He changed me."

Years later, having to moving again from her life AGAIN to New York with no contact from her former best friend, she isn't too fond of uprooting her life, but maybe this time around it may be a good thing despite her feisty attitude. Convinced that he has forgot her, each passing year, the memories of her and Cam have faded. Until she finds out.

"She changed him."

All is on the line for Cam when Raina enters back into his life, shifting his world upside down AGAIN. When she left him, it left him with a dent in his heart, promising his self that no other girl was worth as much as Rain means to him. His crush for his best friend developed into love each passing year for her, but when she comes back, she doesn't remember him. But the memories of her have never faded for him. Until she finds out the truth.

Until they meet 'again'.

Young Adult | Fiction 

* * * * *

Finding the Pieces of Us

 "Every part of you is beautiful, why hide it?"

Kaylie Davis is a smart girl who hides herself in books. Reading is her escape. Escaping helped her to dull the years of the whispers and laughter of the name calling, so she's had to embrace it and be strong. She's shy and sweet, but no one but her best friend Sarita and her cousin Raina knows her beyond her strong, but sarcastic facade that she puts up. So she promises not to let anyone in by building a wall, because she's afraid of showing her real self to anyone. Why show yourself if people are going to say something about it and not get to know you? But that changes one night as a mystery guy starts to help her break down her wall as easily as she built it.

"This is me, take it or leave it!"

Enter said mystery guy, Gage Ellis. Or more like president of the science club, captain of the tennis team whose a pretty well-known guy. But if his friends ever knew he loves science and is actually smart they would flip out. He puts his self down in front of his friends but has to act like this cocky self centered guy while also sneaking behind everyone's back to do what he really loves. He doesn't really know what will happen, but one thing is for certain he wants to know the beautiful girl that catches his eye in the music lounge and he wants to climb her walls and build windows so her light shine through.

These two have met their match in each other. Sprinkle in a whole lot of secrets, a pinch of love and a whole lot of finding themselves and finding new things about the other and maybe finding love along the way.

Young Adult | Fiction

* * * * *

About Us

Mariana Williams is a loner. On purpose. She likes the company of herself and the musings of her notebook rather than hanging with people. She's known as the 'shy studier' among her friends and she's perfectly fine with that. She doesn't need any distractions as she is going to be the first in her family to graduate college. Especially not Evan Davis.

Evan Davis is known as the 'music man' among his friends. Not on purpose. It just happened, especially when his parents have sent him any tape cassette and vinyl he's wanted since he started college and feed his music addiction. Not to mention the girls on campus love him for it. When he does an impromptu tutor session one night with the girl known among his friends as 'Cheshire Cat' something changes that night.

Can the era of bright colors, mixtapes, card catalogs and phone calls can be enough?

Young Adult | Short Story
* * * *

Lost & Found

"Getting found was never my goal. Especially with you."

Janae is a senior in high school who lives and breathes one thing- dance. It's the one thing that she could lost in for days on end. It's the one thing that drives her so much that she purposely never wants to be found. Especially from her mother. She pushes herself to the edge for her mother's approval, but can never seem to get her passion. But soon she finds out by losing her lost keys, she finds something entirely different then what she expected.

A sweet, sexy and heartfelt story about a girl who didn't realize she never wanted to found and a guy who helped her want to find herself along the way. 

Young Adult

* * * * *